A taste of spring. Kind of.

At the moment, there are a lot of hormones flying in the air on this deserted piece of land. Sola is going through her first heat cycle, and I can just say it is hard to be a female, in whatever world. From the lazy winter indoor atmosphere, since the last week we are at least finally again back to the outdoors. The weather is really friendly, and the planting season is almost around the corner. I am really keyed up to start growing some of my own food, but it asks for a lot of preparation to set it up for the first time. My biggest project is to fence the entire plot in order to be carefree when leaving Sola outside, and to be sure she is not doing her thing on my future tomatoes.

Honestly, there is not much agriculture here around. The incredibly strong mountain wind Bura tends to be a powerful destroyer, and the summers are usually very hot and dry. Knowing all of that, I am starting small, preparing for the worst, but still hoping for something.

During the holiday season, I changed the mountain for a bit and got my proper portion of snowy winter wonderland. Sola was amazingly successful in using her subtle diplomatic skills to make friends with my grandparent’s old and grumpy-towards-strangers dog, so our whole stay was a pure delight. I think lately my biggest thrill is walking off leash two or more dogs in the woods. My definition of freedom.

My grandparent's piece of peace.

My grandparent’s piece of peace.

Sola and Lux keeping a distance, but actually enjoying each other.

Sola and Lux keeping a distance, but actually enjoying each other.

winter wonderland 6

winter wonderland

winter wonderland 3

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