False spring alarm

This morning I woke up, and boom, snow. I know it has been heavily snowing in the entire country for days, but this is my first snow here. And, I think my first snow next to the sea, ever. It somehow really twists your mind, as for years I have always been here only in flip-flops and a bathing suit, sweating. Sola was so hyped that she got some extra playing time, while I was patiently enduring cold, walking up and down as professor Balthazar. By the time we got home, my jaw was fully paralyzed. I did however luckily light the fire before leaving out, so entering in the house felt how I imagine the moment of entering the gate of heaven.

My great-grandfather's initial at the house entrance. With a snow filling.

My great-grandfather’s initials at the house entrance. With a snow filling.

Going crazy.

Going crazy.

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