Day of Green pickled tomatoes

It was raining like crazy all day, but curiously it did not stop me to spend almost all morning rearranging things around the garden. Yesterday I got some lettuce and cabbage seedlings, so was trying to find some extra space in order to squeeze them in somewhere. I have decided to harvest one portion of […]

February photo update

I am alive, if anybody wondered. I have just been very lazy in writing anything. Cyber blockade, one could say. It happens. Well, things were busy, and joyful. For the most part I was outside, preparing for my first planting season. Here is a quick photo tour of the month.

0 costs, 20 mins to make, endlessly original

If on a personal level this entire project is about, in Fromm’s terms, turning away from ‘to have’ towards ‘to be’, then on a more concrete, every-day, material level, it is definitely about gradually shifting away from ‘to buy’ towards ‘to make’. This applies to food, clothing and