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I am quite sure September is one of my favorite months. The heat is finally down, and we are back to human conditions. Today we had the last guests leaving from the place we were renting for my neighbor. It was a German couple, born in 1923…so you do the math. I was shocked how lively they are, so who knows what are they eating. They convinced me once again in uselessness of my 9 years of learning German in school. Each time I was communicating with them, I would realize that actually I am only speaking English, just desperately adding some sort of a German accent.

Last few days we were super busy pulling out anything still good and useful from the house across me that would be demolished this week. The owners have a very rich son-in-law who is going to build an expensive new house on the same plot. Booooring. Anyway, it was just like a blessing for us. We desperately need a big wardrobe (we had none), a freezer, and some winter clothes for Emir. And got it all. We also found some nice old wooden summer chairs, garden tools, tiles, shutters for our broken window. I am really into retro stuff, so it was pure fun. And it would be so damn wrong that it all went to dust.

Do not remember how, but Emir got passionately hooked on picking, drying and sorting various herbs which now you can find all around us. + figuring out which ones you could smoke. 🙂 At the moment there is not a ccm of  surface in the whole house which is not covered with some sort of greenery. I even needed to beg my grandma to send us my grandpa’s old pipe so he can experiment. You will be posted about the further developments.

Off the subject. Tonight I found the new season of Kevin McCloud’s Grand designs about him building his dream off-grid shed. I am religiously following him for years, and this looks epic. Here is the teaser!


Sorting kindling out of dried rosemary bushes!

Sorting kindling wood out of dried rosemary bushes!

The peppers are still doing very well!

The peppers are still doing very well!

After a few proper rains, everything started to  flourish!

After a few proper rains, everything started to flourish!


Little pathway Emir made this spring, leading towards the composting area. No more muddy shoes and a lot of mess behind.

A little path that leads to the composting area, which Emir made this spring. No more muddy shoes and a lot of mess behind.

All serious and elegant

All serious and elegant.

Love all these old zinc stuff. Found this one on an old picture when the house was just done. So, he is definitely a senior.

Curiously, found this one on the old picture of the house after it has just been done.

Good morning, sunshine!

Good morning, sunshine!

Picking, drying and sorting like crazy!

Picking, drying and sorting like crazy!


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